Kind Words

“Anthony is a creative mastermind. He is my go-to for all my creative projects and design needs. I resoundingly recommend him and his company’s incomparable services.”

Cyndi Dale

Intuitive Healer and author of The Subtle Body, The Intuition Guidebook, Advanced Chakra Healing, and 27 other books on energy healing
Life System Services/Essential Energy

“What a relief it is to consult and work with Anthony and injoi Creative! He deeply understands my work as an author and spiritual mentor. He helped me to overhaul my website and refine my brand and offerings. Anthony creatively assists me in serving my clients at the highest level, and I’m so grateful.”

Sarah Seidelmann, M.D.

Woman of Medicine, Shamanic Mentor, and author

“Anthony J.W. Benson has what is, in my estimation, the rarest of combinations: He blends artistry and creativity with tenacity and professionalism. His enthusiasm for the projects he works on knows no boundaries, but he has a discerning eye for quality, as well. This guy stands apart from the crowd. Believe me.”

Scott Kellner

VP of Marketing at George P. Johnson

“We hired Anthony J.W. Benson to help us get our first book, ‘Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music’ in order. His professional expertise and advice were invaluable, and his involvement made our book so much better. His areas of expertise include the look and feel of the book, the organization of the content, the testimonials, the title, the decision to print it in color, the recommendation of a printer, and even the social marketing that went along with promoting. We wholeheartedly recommend hiring Anthony if you want your book, or any creative project, to be produced creatively and professionally.”

Dudley and Dean Evenson

Owners of Soundings of the Planet and authors of, Quieting the Monkey Mind

“Anthony is like one of those pebbles you find at the beach—so multi-faceted and unique that when you add it to your other rocks, it elevates the whole collection! In a time of over-specialization, he’s the rare talent who can see the whole picture, identify the over-arching goal, and put the steps in their proper order—all while being calm, supportive, and inspiring! I especially appreciate Anthony’s willingness to partner with me within my budget and in my half-formed state. As a former marketing writer in Chicago who has worked with many writers and artists, I’m impressed by his ability to allow my creative process rather than foist his own ideas on me. He really honors and understands every crucial step in bringing ideas to life. Get Anthony on your team. He’s absolutely worth hanging on to!”

Tammy Letherer

Writer and Spirit Coach

“The sign above his door should read Anthony J.W. Benson Creativity Specialist. From his excellent eye for detail in design to his tremendous ability to get the job done on time and on budget, Anthony will have you covered—left and right brain. Above all, he is passionate about helping people realize their creative, personal and professional potential, and that passion is infectious. I’m grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime.”

Wendy Hammers


“Anthony provides impeccable and valuable service to his clients in that he can help them clearly vision their business in a creative way. He is able to take them to the next level using his multi-layers of experience and vast expertise. He’s wonderful to work with, as he is a high integrity individual who really cares about making a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Deanna Minich, Ph.D., FACN, CNS

Founder and CEO of Food & Spirit, and author of four books on health and wellness

“Anthony is an unusual combination of things. He’s extremely creative in everything he does and intuitively knows how to put a budget, timeline & action plan to that creativity. Anthony looks for a way to make a difference with every project he takes on. Still, he never loses sight that the “business end of making a difference” has to be successful, or nobody wins. Anthony has a natural talent & feel for design. Anthony is also a beautiful and gifted writer! Whether he’s writing for a book, magazine, music review, or copy for a laundry detergent ad, his prose is insightful, poignant & impactful. Most important of all to me, Anthony has a kind, caring heart. He sincerely wants to “serve” any client he works with. It’s not “what can I get”? It’s “what can I give”? He’s wise enough to know that this philosophy will leave him peaceful & fulfilled, and besides that….” It’s just good business.”

Jimmy Brandmeier

President, 180 Music and author of , Be Who You Are: A Song for My Children

“Anthony is an amazing one-man multi-media convergence resource.”

Brian Hilliard

Dharma Dreams

“Anthony J.W. Benson has the wondrous ability to paint big picture possibilities and root them in “let’s-get-the-job-done- strategies. His approach to product and business development is truly holistic – creative force, unwavering integrity, and results.”

Danielle LaPorte

Author, The Fire Starter Sessions, Communications Strategist/founder, White Hot Truth

“Anthony receives great joy in helping others manifest their dreams. He is a master, and he is always looking for ways to benefit the people he works with and cares about.”

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.,

Co-creator of Inner Bonding, co-author of Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?, Healing Your Aloneness, and author of Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By God? and Inner Bonding

“Anthony, thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. You always set me up to look good… what vision and expertise you have. You are a Producer’s Producer.
Thank you.”

Neale Donald Walsch

“I have had the pleasure of working with Anthony J.W. Benson on several published works over the last few years. The level of dedication to each title is unsurpassed; the ownership over each project’s integrity runs deep. He has a clear and direct vision for the creative and conceptual components of titles. The design’s execution is guided through years of diverse experience. Yet, there is an allowance for creative collaboration. A professional and well-thought product is the end result of a marriage of personalized service that is only found with a person immersed in the passion of publishing the creative process. I enthusiastically recommend Anthony to anyone developing creative projects.”

Anthony Rocco Sclavi

Co-Owner, co-creative at Sclavi’s Italian Restaurant & Bar

“Anthony is an absolute pleasure to work with—professional, personable, supportive, perceptive, fair, and kind. From our first conversation, he built trust and made me feel comfortable and confident. Anthony is open to suggestions and ideas, in addition to bringing
his own. I respect his balance of openness and decisiveness, and he has shown good intuition about when to apply each. His encouragement, insight, humor, and breadth as a person and business experience all feed his ability to get people working in harmony. I’ve had great experiences working with him, and I look forward to a much longer journey together.”

Nicholas Markos

Musician, Owner of Tie Records

“Thank you for sweetening up my life and dreaming up some great opportunities to promote my work. I hope our association will lead to many new and exciting adventures. Your presence has made all the difference.”

Sirona Knight

Contributing Editor, Magical Blend Magazine, and author of, Greenfire and Moonflower

“Anthony J.W. Benson is the most multi-faceted creative talent that I know. He works his magic from concept to completion on various projects for musicians, authors, speakers, artists, and event promotion and production. Amazing!”


MagicBrad.com, and EventSource, Inc.

“Anthony J.W. Benson is a Master at connecting people in the new consciousness. Anthony is a prominent key figure in humanity’s transformation, and I feel fortunate to have worked with him. He has produced and designed some of my music CDs, promotional material, and my autobiographical book. The feedback I always get is fantastic! I wish him only the very best and celebrate his unique creativity and his innovative Spirit! Thank you, Anthony!!!

Bettine Clemen

Internationally renowned Flautist/recording artist and author of , Open your Ears to Love

“Anthony, Thank you for your care, attention, and stewardship. The guidance that you have provided to me has always made sense. We are grateful for everything that you have taught us and shared with us.”

Rainbeau Mars

Yogi, Health Advocate, author of, The 21 Day SuperStar Cleanse, The Desire

“Anthony takes care of business and is absolutely serious about what he does. His input has always been insightful, progressive, aggressive, thoughtful, and artistic. A perfect blend for what the creative soul needs!“

St. Paul a.ka. Paul Peterson

Singer/songwriter/recording artist/producer (solo artist, founding member of fdeluxe, and former member The Time)

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