“Anthony has the wondrous ability to paint big picture possibilities and root them in “let’s-get-the-job-done-strategies. His approach to product and business development is truly holistic—creative force, unwavering integrity, and results.”

Danielle LaPorte, Author, The Fire Starter Sessions, The Desire Map

“Anthony, Thank you for your care, attention, and stewardship. The guidance that you have provided to me has always made sense. We are grateful for everything that you have taught us and shared with us.”  

Rainbeau Mars, Yogi, Health Advocate, author of The 21-Day SuperStar Cleanse

“Anthony provides impeccable and valuable service to his clients in that he can help them clearly vision their business in a creative way. He is able to take them to the next level using his multi-layers of experience and vast expertise. He’s wonderful to work with, as he is a high integrity individual who really cares about making a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Deanna Minich, Ph.D., FACN, CNS, Founder, and CEO of Food & Spirit and author of four books on health and wellness.

‘‘The sign above his door should read Anthony J.W. Benson Creativity Specialist. From his great eye for detail in design to his tremendous ability to get the job done on time and on budget, Anthony will have you covered—left and right brain. Above all, he is passionate about helping people realize their creative, personal, and professional potential, and that passion is infectious. I’m grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime.

Wendy Hammers, Actress/Comedienne/Playwright

“Anthony is like one of those pebbles you find at the beach—so multi-faceted and unique that when you add it to your other rocks, it elevates the whole collection! In a time of over-specialization, he’s the rare talent who can see the whole picture, identify the over-arching goal, and put the steps in their proper order—all while being calm, supportive, and inspiring! 

I especially appreciate Anthony’s willingness to partner with me within my budget and in my half-formed state. Also, as a former marketing writer in Chicago who has worked with many writers and artists, I’m impressed by his ability to allow my creative process, rather than foist his own ideas on me. He really honors and understands every crucial step in bringing ideas to life. Get Anthony on your team. He’s absolutely worth hanging on to!”

Tammy Letherer, Writer and Spirit Coach

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“Anthony is, first and foremost, a quality human being. Having had the privilege of working with him for many years, I’ve always been struck by his honesty, interpersonal communications acumen, and a genuine degree of caring for those he encounters. Beyond that, however, Anthony is a remarkably creative and intuitive marketer, who gets to the root of behavioral and market opportunities, and communicates the resulting value proposition concisely and with wisdom. In short, Anthony has an accurate “gut feel” combined with eloquence, integrity, and business smarts – a truly powerful combination.”

Scott Kellner, VP of Marketing at George P. Johnson

“Anthony is an absolute pleasure to work with—professional, personable, supportive, perceptive, fair, and kind. From our first conversation, he built trust and made me feel comfortable and confident. He is open to suggestions and ideas, in addition to bringing his own; I respect his balance of openness and decisiveness, and he has shown good intuition about when to apply each. His encouragement, insight, humor, and breadth as a person all feed his ability to get people working in harmony. He knows how to pick the right people and get the best out of them. I’ve had great experiences working with him, and I look forward to a much longer journey together.”

Nicholas Markos, Musician, Composer, Owner of Tie Records

“Working with Anthony is a breath of fresh air. On a soul level, he deeply respects and honors the creative calling in all of us. He clearly values the higher good that comes from a creative vision manifested from a place of integrity, passion, and goodwill. Throughout the entire process, he has been my trusted steward: guiding me through the decision-making, nurturing the larger vision, and discerning the wisest course of action to follow as the dream births into a beautiful reality. Thanks to his high level of commitment, well-rounded expertise, and genuine humility I have been able to relax into knowing that my project is in good hands, and surrounded by the good grace of positive energy.

Pollyanna Blanco, Author of In Rhythm With Your Soul, Dancer, Teacher

“Anthony, thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. You always set me up to look good… what vision and expertise you have. You are a Producer’s Producer. Thank you.”

Neale Donald Walsch, Author of the internationally renowned Conversations with GOD series and founder of Humanity’s Team

“Anthony takes care of business and is absolutely serious about what he does. His input has always been insightful, progressive, aggressive, thoughtful, and artistic. A perfect blend for what the creative soul needs!

St. Paul a.ka. Paul Peterson Singer/songwriter/recording artist/producer (solo artist, founding member of fdeluxe, and former member The Time)

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