A note from injoi Creative Founder

Anthony J.W. Benson

I am blessed to serve injoi Creative’s clients as a creative business strategist and consultant, art/creative director, project manager, and communications/marketing specialist.
My talented team and I serve as a conduit to opportunity, success, and creative design realization. It is what turns our crank, and revs our engine each day.
Our role is to bring an objective and experienced mindset to our co-creative relationship. We will advise, guide, execute, and assist you in any way we can to meet your design needs.
When working together, we will assist you in shaping concepts and game plans and execute at the highest level. We won’t and don’t settle for less. We believe the combination of our proven creativity and product development experience and a genuine enthusiasm for being of service, is well-suited to serve your projects.
We look forward to collaborating with you and being of service.
Anthony J.W. Benson
Founder and Creative Director, injoi Creative


Creative Team

Anthony - Founder & Creative Director

Anthony J.W. Benson has creatively mastered the art of merging soul, creativity, and business. As founder and Creative Director of injoi Creative, Anthony is a highly regarded creative business strategist and consultant, producer, marketer, writer, and product developer specializing in working with authors, speakers, musicians/ performers, entrepreneurs, and businesses, small and large.

Born in London, England, his 40 plus year career in communications, product development, management, and the entertainment industry continues to be an epic journey. He skillfully and passionately works with individuals and organizations to manifest their dreams.

Char - Design Wizardress

Char, our resident Wizardress, has worked with large and small clients, ranging from authors, speakers, professional athletes, entertainers, startup companies, and nonprofits. She prides herself, wielding her magical skills into each project she touches on helping realize our clients’ design dreams.

Charlee knew she was destined to be an artist the first time she held a crayon and has been professionally designing for over 12 years. Along with being a Design Wiz, she is also one smart cookie. She proudly holds undergraduate degrees in Multi-Media, Marketing, and Advertising. She also received her higher education with a Masters in Business Administration, concentrating in Global Business.

Jack - Web Maestro

Web Maestro Jack’s foray into web development and design, began when he was asked by a friend to design a WordPress website. With the little knowledge he had from creating his own photography website, Jack set to work learning all that he could about the world of WordPress website design. And learn he did. Since then, Jack has learned and mastered how to use many tools effectively, such as SEO, Google analytics, page speed optimization, e-commerce, HTML, CSS, etc. But from working on multitudes of diverse Web design projects, he realized that the world of Website Design is over complicated and often overpriced. So Jack and injoi Creative share the mission to make web design as accessible and affordable as possible.

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, when not rooted deep in CSS and design, Jack spends his time surfing on the south coast of Ireland and pursuing his passion for photography.


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